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Crisis PR 101 for Law Firms - Keeping Calm and Carrying On

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As law firms continue to grow their presence internationally, the attendant risks to their businesses and reputations also grow. Increasing regulation, health pandemics and cyber-attacks across jurisdictions are just some of the risks law firms must grapple with and that can turn into major crises if not planned for and communicated properly. Additionally, the activities of law firms and their leaders continue to come under increasing glare of a global media spotlight powered by instant news and social media.

A crisis is a real test of law firms’ cultures and values. This webinar will also cover how any crisis response should incorporate values and culture.

You will receive valuable guidance on how law firm management should plan and respond to crisis situations.

What You Will Learn:

  • Crisis PR scenario planning as part of the business planning process
  • Crisis communications protocols and responses for internal and external channels
  • Isolating the crisis from ‘business as usual’ activities
  • Reputation rebuild following a major crisis