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Cracking the Code - Financial Fundamentals

Lawyers are seldom asked to prepare accounts. However, clients do expect a lawyer to be able to read, understand and interpret a set of financial statements. These webinars and the supporting materials assume no previous knowledge and explain accounting jargon, illustrate what is available to a reader of a set of accounts and explains what use can be made of the information. Most lawyers are nervous when picking up a set of accounts and feel outside of their comfort zone. By the time you have completed the training, you will feel confident when reviewing financial statements and you will be looking forward to an interesting read. The knowledge and skills that will be developed are essential for all commercial lawyers.

No responsibility for loss occasioned to any person's action or refraining from action as a result of reliance upon any information in the webinar and supporting materials can be accepted by Robert Mowbray or Taylor Mowbray LLP. Legislation and accounting standards are complicated and these materials should not be regarded as offering a complete explanation of every topic covered.